Insurance adjuster

Not so long ago, a new profession very useful for participants of traffic appeared – insurance adjuster. It is worth noticing that this position doesn’t require special certification. Any person who passed the corresponding training by the road inspector or even the lawyer can act as insurance adjuster. Usually, they are involved in work by an insurance company. What are their obligations?

It often happens that after a road accident people starts calling in confusion to acquaintances, who not always know that to do in such situation, and ask about the help. Sometimes the person is in a condition when can’t independently fix an event for the subsequent upholding of the rights in courts and insurance companies. Here comes an insurance adjusters are helpful.

First, having arrived to road accident place, they are the first who fix the incident. Their task is to make all records for insurance company or court, photography, interrogation of accident witnesses, copying of necessary passports, etc., just before the arrival of police.

After the carried-out works to insurance adjuster makes the report which can serve as the certificate for court, insurance company, etc.

Besides, medical care to injured, call of taxi or passing car in case of need, for participants of the road accident which do not require sending to hospital, belongs to duties of such person on arrival. He organizes cleaning-up the road from damaged transport. In other words, he performs all dirty work connected with road accident consequences.

Services of such person can be initially registered and paid by the insurance policy. Also, it is possible to perform a one-time call of independent insurance adjuster and to get help and registration of all road accidents materials to defend yourself at the court if your opinion differs from the opinion of other party.

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