Tuning insurance

Tuning is a method to reach special identity of transport. But this is not all its resource. By means of tuning overcoming of high-speed thresholds is achieved.

There is an external and internal or deep tuning.

External is an improvement of bumpers, various linings and fenders, plastic suspension decorative [...]

Aerographic – insurance

Everybody knows what an aerographic is. But for those, who pondered over, we will remind that it is drawing made with special air brushes on a car surface. By means of such drawings almost a unique car is created. Often for drawing an aerographic not standard decisions are used. Such things serve not [...]

How To Lose Tour Car And Not Receive Insurance

According to statistical data the number of car thefts increases; and often these are rather not expensive cars. It is rather strange that complexity and reliability of antitheft technical devices increases together with it. Why?

The human nature frequently becomes a good tool for development of the whole industry of swindlers.


CMTPL Discounts

Somebody considers that policies of the CMTPL have the fixed identical cost for all drivers. However, as well as any system of insurance, car insurance has discounts and markups.

Let’s understand one after another. We will begin with social discounts which each insurance company is obliged to provide.

Physically [...]

Voluntary Damage Compensation after road accident will help to return driver’s licenses

Driver may lose his driving license in various situations.

According to the law, actually merely the court has a right to withdraw a driving license. However in real life it is done by the inspector who issues a special report. To return back the driving license as fast as possible it [...]

Benefits Of Independent Examination

It happens, that traffic participants get to unpleasant incidents such as accidents. The most part of them of course has no serious material consequences. However there are also rather notable damages of transport. Anyway, the driver should apply to the independent expert and fix damages of the vehicle.

It is not [...]

Fifth Part Of Disbursement for CMTPL Performed Via Court

Unfortunately, practice of complete or partial disbursement receipt on CMTPL insurance via court acquired mass pattern. More than 20 percent of payments pass via court.

Often insurance companies do not participate in these courts and learn about it after obtaining writ of execution. From the legal point of view it is [...]

MOD insurance Policies Via Internet

Time and science do not stand still. Everybody knows that it is possible to purchase, for example, a train or plane ticket, theater football match ticket via the Internet, to pay utilities and many other things. Those who could deal with such innovations has appreciated the simplicity and convenience of such purchases which [...]

Municipal Vehicles Will Be Insured For Maximum

Every city has municipal vehicles which require insurance: snow removal equipment, cranes, auto trucks, dustbins, gas service cars etc.

A large sum is necessary to buy MOD Insurance policy for this engineering After all the insurance has to protect from stealing, damages, total loss and other insured events and it is [...]

Green card

Green card, in fact, is of the CMTPL insurance policy analog abroad. It won’t be lawful to travel over the countries of the abroad without having received this type of insurance.

What type of insurance is carried out by “Green card”:

- covers damage from road accident because of [...]