Green card

Green card, in fact, is of the CMTPL insurance policy analog abroad. It won’t be lawful to travel over the countries of the abroad without having received this type of insurance.

What type of insurance is carried out by “Green card”:

- covers damage from road accident because of foreign car.

- regulation under laws of the country of residence of the cars participating in road accident.

- entry into the countries of the European Union where regulation of the relations is carried out by the European rules.

For registration of the insurance policy “Green card” it is necessary to prepare 3 documents:

- passport or other document proving the identity. If there is an insurance of natural persons – the certificate of businessman registration, for legal – legal entities registration certificate

- documents confirming vehicle registration at the established bodies. Namely, vehicle registration certificate.

- insurer foreign passport (necessary for check of the correct transliteration of  name and a surname.

The green card is made out for a period from fifteen days till one year, i.e coming out to the territory of other state even for 1 hour, the driver is compelled to get the policy for 15 days. Such practice works around the world. If you plan departure for 16 days, it is necessary to buy the insurance for 1 month.

After the contract conclusion to you will be issued three copies of green card certificates policy. It is necessary for confirmation of its existence at departure on check point; the second is given in case of road accident and the third has to remain in the driver’s hands. At repeated road accident a photocopy of green card is given.

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