History Of Origin And Regulation Of CMTPL

CMTPL is an insurance policy which shifts the civil responsibility for material and health onto the person from the owner of the vehicle onto the insurance company.

Such obligatory type of insurance, in fact, is a social protection for participants of traffic.

In the West there is an analog of such insurance called “Green card” which appeared long time ago. In regions of Russia such type of insurance found the application since 01.07.2003, after entry into force of the federal law “About Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance of Car Owners”. Till that time such type of insurance wasn’t obligatory.

CMTPL is interesting as it connected not to the driver but to the car. Rules of insurance are established by state bodies, and also create tariffs which can’t be changed. It is also forbidden to provide the discounts not specified from above.

Only insurance companies the members of society of a car of insurers having the license for such activities can sell policies of CMTPL.

The union of car insurers, in its turn, guarantees payments for CMTPL. Therefore, when the company in which you purchased the policy is going to be closed you keep all guarantees of payments in case of loss occurrence.

Due to actually state monopoly for this sector there are aggravations in the relations of the companies for this reason. Issue of forms to insurance companies is made on certain quotas. Naturally that their lion’s share goes to the large companies.

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