Aerographic – insurance

Everybody knows what an aerographic is. But for those, who pondered over, we will remind that it is drawing made with special air brushes on a car surface. By means of such drawings almost a unique car is created. Often for drawing an aerographic not standard decisions are used. Such things serve not only for decoration of a car but also as means from stealing. After all it is easier to steal a standard imperceptible car on which anybody won’t pay attention.

But, nevertheless we are interested whether it is possible to insure the car with an aerographic and picture. After all, the cost of such work of art can reach very big figures and even exceed the cost of capital repairs of the whole car. Such option of the insurance is possible. It is offered by the MOD insurance. However there is also a set of questions. How to estimate the aerographic cost? After all it is not a cost of car painting. The price very strongly depends on the master and exclusivity of drawing. How to assess damages? In case of damage of one part of the car it is sometimes easier and more economically to draw all picture anew than to restore its part.

Insurance companies do not like such type of insurance and many of them just refuse to do it. But some of insurance companies agree. An assessment and insurance procedure is developed by them. In case of an assessment of the picture is divided in car body elements. Each part of the body is insured individually. Also, insurance companies attract the art studios specializing on such work types to such assessment. The rate which the owner of this beauty should pay for risk type varies from 10 to 20% per year. Naturally, there are individual indicators.

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