Car Insurance Buying Economies

This article is devoted to those who has got a new car recently and is going to get the insurance policy. By what principles it is worth being guided at registration of the insurance to make it qualitative and save money.

We won’t repeat and tell that it is necessary to approach very exactingly and attentively to the choice of the company in which you plan to insure the car. Let’s us suppose we approached this question with responsibility and are at the meeting with an insurance agent.

First, pay your attention to change of your insurance tariff depending on change of franchise.

Second, approach seriously the choice of service station as the amount of disbursements will be made at the rate of its tariffs.

Third, ask the insurance agent what sum of an assessment of your car is. If the sum is strongly underestimated and isn’t subjected to revision, refuse services of this insurance company.

Fourth, find out on what territory the insurance is valid. Think over your plans of movement.

Fifth: if you have no opportunity to pay in all sum according to the policy of assurance at once, find out whether it is possible to bring it portion wise within a year. Often in practice companies allow such type of payment by installments, however most likely you should pay a certain margin from 2 to 10 percent. There are companies which don’t do such margins.

Sixth, specify the availability of items important for you. For example: whether there is insurance from theft in the unguarded parking at night. You can add or delete necessary/unnecessary items depending on your requirements.

Seventh, specify the list of drivers who can steer the insured car on legal grounds.

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