Non-standard Insured Events

Whether it is possible to receive a recovery according to policy in case of flood, for example? Payment under what article it is possible to receive in case of car destruction?

Yes, it is possible if in your insurance policy there is such item as “natural disaster risk”. In this case, [...]

History Of Origin And Regulation Of CMTPL

CMTPL is an insurance policy which shifts the civil responsibility for material and health onto the person from the owner of the vehicle onto the insurance company.

Such obligatory type of insurance, in fact, is a social protection for participants of traffic.

In the West there is an analog [...]

Regress Concept Of Insurance

Regress is a right of insurance company to demand from responsible for the road accident of indemnification of damages to insurance company due to its reimbursement to aggrieved party.

After a road accident the guilty party has the right to use the CMTPL insurance policy. And everything occurs rather clearly. The [...]

Subrogation Concept of Insurance

The subrogation is a legislative right of damage reimbursement recollecting from a guilty party from the injured insured person to his insurer. For the modern market of insurance it is rather a new concept.

Let’s understand why and to whom it is necessary. The matter is that after a loss occurrence [...]

Choice of insurance company

Car for a long time has not been a luxury thing for a city dweller. The majority of citizens cannot imagine their life without a car. Year by year the number of cars increases many times over. So there is a natural concern of motorists in own and cars’ safety, the cost which [...]

Refusal In MOD Insurance Payment?

Insurance companies periodically report about increase of payments according to insurance policies. They explain it with rate fluctuation of dollar or euro, and also insurance expenses.

Thus by consideration of cases at court the insurer more often receives the negative decision. Perhaps, it is connected with more and more advanced legal [...]

Who Will Reimburse in case of Hit Into Road Pit?

Pits on the road are often perceived by us as inevitable fact. In case of accident which happened because of a pit on the road there is a small probability that someone of us will apply for reimbursement by the road service. However the chance of receipt of such compensation is available and [...]

GAP Insurance

We know that comprehensive insurance protects from many cases which can happen to the car. However MOD insurance doesn’t protect from plunder and theft.

Not everybody knows about such innovations in the market of insurance as GAP insurance. In fact, it covers a difference between current and initial cost of the [...]

CMTPL Policy Verification

CMTPL policies are often interesting for various types of swindlers. Especially during crisis times cases of sale of counterfeit or stolen insurance policies are often met.

The CMTPL policy is a document which should be thoroughly stored. It is natural that all precautionary measures should be applied to storage of empty [...]

Insurance adjuster

Not so long ago, a new profession very useful for participants of traffic appeared – insurance adjuster. It is worth noticing that this position doesn’t require special certification. Any person who passed the corresponding training by the road inspector or even the lawyer can act as insurance adjuster. Usually, they are involved in [...]