Choice of insurance company

Car for a long time has not been a luxury thing for a city dweller. The majority of citizens cannot imagine their life without a car. Year by year the number of cars increases many times over. So there is a natural concern of motorists in own and cars’ safety, the cost which is often commensurable with house cost. Therefore concern for its safety is natural.

MOD insurance now is the most popular and demanded type of car protection. It allows receiving reimbursement for damage practically at any circumstances.

In this regard MOD insurance is not a cheap type of insurance. But having correctly chosen the company insurer it can reduce considerably a fee without infringement in car protection.

So, how to choose? Currently in the car insurance market there are tens and hundreds of companies offering cars insurance. Anybody can get confused! At an insurance choice many people are guided by such indicator as the price ignoring ratings and responses. As a result, very many people become victims of the dishonest companies.

We propose you some criteria at the choice of the company:

- Activity duration in the market of insurance services. It is desirable to choose not a company-newcomer.

- Availability of big customers at the company. The large companies have opportunity to receive services from the qualified lawyers who precisely estimated the insurer by most strict criterion.

- Membership of the company in financial and industrial complex. It is one of the most exact indicators of reliability and stability.

- How often the company reconsiders tariffs. See the summary price policy for 5 years.

- Responses about the company in the Internet and from acquaintances to whom you trust.

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