CMTPL Discounts

Somebody considers that policies of the CMTPL have the fixed identical cost for all drivers. However, as well as any system of insurance, car insurance has discounts and markups.

Let’s understand one after another. We will begin with social discounts which each insurance company is obliged to provide.

Physically disabled people always require a special attitude from state and society in general, and of course, privileges. Purchasing CMTPL insurance policy they also have special rights allowing them to receive a discount to fifty percent. Though, it should be noted that in some countries only disabled citizens, who receive cars according to medical instructions, have such right.

One more category of people for whom discounts for the CMTPL are provided, are women. Insurers consider women s more careful drivers who seldom get into accident and respectively, not so often bring damage to other traffic participants. On this basis, in some countries the law on special privileges for female drivers is adopted.

We know that work of insurance system is based on statistics. Therefore the important role for car insurance is played by unified databases where all road accidents and their parties at fault with all parameters are registered (gender, age, years of service, etc.). For insurers such base allows to draw conclusions about what to add a discount or markup to do.

Your personal history is recorded. And, if you like to violate traffic regulations and are the frequent participant of road accidents, you shouldn’t hope that having applied to other insurance company you will not receive a huge markup for CMTPL policy.

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