CMTPL Policy Verification

CMTPL policies are often interesting for various types of swindlers. Especially during crisis times cases of sale of counterfeit or stolen insurance policies are often met.

The CMTPL policy is a document which should be thoroughly stored. It is natural that all precautionary measures should be applied to storage of empty forms at insurance companies and at brokers. However, there are cases of losses and even stealing of such documents. Therefore there is a need for maintaining base of “black policies. The insurance company which was subjected to theft or losses of above documents is obliged to report to the appropriate body.

Sale of counterfeits is not strongly widespread option of fraud, but from it cannot be considered less sorrowful for the driver who purchased such document. How to distinguish a counterfeit policy?

First, it is printed on the uniform blank form by special print shop. The insurance company puts the stamp in the upper left part of this form. Of course, the availability of individual number and series (this series can be checked in traffic police) is mandatory.

Second is availability of protective marks. On facial side of the form there is a micro grid. On light it is possible to see watermarks. On the reverse side there is an impressed metallized strip 2 cm width. There are fibers in the structure of paper as we got used to see them on banknotes.

It is important to remember and check the provided methods of protection as you always check large banknotes at the market. If you doubt in the reliability of seller, it is better to choose another one with a good reputation.

Be attentive and careful not to become a victim of frauds!

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