Car Examination

There is a number of compulsory procedures on the basis of which lawful procedure of road accident record by insurance company is carried out.

First: the insurance company of the party guilty of road accident is obliged within not more than 5 days to carry out the expertise.

Second: the aggrieved party is obliged to write an application at the request of the insurer. In case if to some reasons the insurance company has not carried out the expertise in due time the insured person has the right to hire the independent expert for assessment of caused damage. Then this company provides the independent report of insurance company.

It is extremely important to observe terms otherwise an independent judicial examination can be recognized invalid. Submission term of results in case of habitation of all interested parties in one region is 3 days, in case of habitation in different regions – 5 days. It is possible to exclude from this term the time of telegram sending and the day of assessment work. The notification on telegram receipt has to be surely handed.

After carrying out examination, the customer has to be given the copy of the sent notice and not later than in ten calendar days, the report.

MOD Insurance there is a special procedure of carrying out examination which is stated in the contract. However it is usually most similar to the CMTPL.

After carrying out all necessary procedures the driver has the right to receive compensation within 30 days. If this term is unreasonably increased, the penalty is imposed on the insurance company and insurance payment will increase every overdue day.

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