Fifth Part Of Disbursement for CMTPL Performed Via Court

Unfortunately, practice of complete or partial disbursement receipt on CMTPL insurance via court acquired mass pattern. More than 20 percent of payments pass via court.

Often insurance companies do not participate in these courts and learn about it after obtaining writ of execution. From the legal point of view it is lawfully.

It is worth understanding actually going on.

Such situation is connected with distribution and promoting of activities of car lawyers and partly to mistrust to insurance companies practicing deviations from disbursement for insured events. But an opposite tendency when the insurance company acts as affected party is very often nowadays. Often there are also fraud cases for the purpose of deliberate plunder of insurance companies.

Specialists draw a conclusion about incorrectness of development of this insurance industry in general. The car lawyer can be engaged in process just in case of non- payment of reimbursement by insurance company for the insurance policy.

Due to it legislature develops practice of introduction certain procedure binding the insured subject to inform the insurer first of all, and only in case of illegal refusal to visit a car lawyer.

Serious problem of insurance industry, and in particular CMTPL, is also lack of a single approved procedure of determination of material damage which the owner of the policy was suffered from. Therefore, misunderstanding and different conflict situations between the insurer and the insured subject often arise. Activities of car lawyers which often lead to plunder of insurance companies are also based on these legislative defects.

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