Who Will Reimburse in case of Hit Into Road Pit?

Pits on the road are often perceived by us as inevitable fact. In case of accident which happened because of a pit on the road there is a small probability that someone of us will apply for reimbursement by the road service. However the chance of receipt of such compensation is available and it is necessary to know about it.

It is very important to know what is called “a pit” from the legal point of view. Cavity in the road is not considered a pit! Pit is a cavity with depth of at least 5 cm, in width of 80 cm and at least 15 cm in length.

To receive reimbursement by such type of damages it isn’t necessary to remove the car (hole) from it. It is necessary to record the fact with three witnesses for example, your passengers. If you have a dashboard camera keep accident record. As well as in case of usual accident it is necessary to call the traffic police and to record this incident.

In case of running-down accident which resulted in causing material damage (for example, your bumper bent), it is possible to receive the MOD insurance. Therefore it is necessary to act as in case of accident.

To demand a reimbursement from road service you should write the application to public prosecutor’s office. It will allow making answerable the road service, in this case administrative responsibility. Then apply to the expert organization for an assessment of caused damage. Notify with a telegram the relevant road service with proposition to pay voluntary for caused damage with the considered value of call the expert. In a month if the answer has not been received you should claim to the court.

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