How To Lose Tour Car And Not Receive Insurance

According to statistical data the number of car thefts increases; and often these are rather not expensive cars. It is rather strange that complexity and reliability of antitheft technical devices increases together with it. Why?

The human nature frequently becomes a good tool for development of the whole industry of swindlers.

Imagine you come back home in the evening, and see a pregnant woman or an old man lies at a roadside. You stop with a noble purpose to help. You leave the car and while you are busy with a poor thing, it becomes clear that your car has been stolen.

Or, for example, you are a young guy, you have an expensive car. On a roadside you are stopped by the beautiful girl and asked to give her a lift. You are happy to do a favor. Conversation is started, everything is OK. And then she asks you to purchase her cigarettes. You stop near the shop with pleasure, you leave ignition keys. What happens then I think it isn’t necessary to tell.

Still is very widespread option of stealing is when you come to a service station with hope for fast repair of your car and you are informed that there is a big queue and you will see the car not earlier than in a month. You are nervous, but here the person approaches to you and says that can settle a situation. And really in a couple of minutes you are called. You give the ignition keys with pleasure it seems to you to the employee of the service station.  In a week you call to the service station, and it becomes clear that they have not seen either such people or your car.

What is a casus of all these stories? After all, your car is insured! And that, in case of filing of application about stealing, you are obliged to hand over all sets of ignition keys and alarm system, and documents. Otherwise you can write an application about fraud only. But there is no such item in your insurance, so, any payments are out of the question.

The conclusion is: be extremely vigilant and careful. The insurance cannot cover all cases which can happen.

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