MOD Insurance

It is possible to call MOD insurance one of the most known and demanded types of insurance. This insurance has a popularity of one of the most favorable, popular, and simple but effective insurance.

Why? MOD insurance offers an integrated approach to the insurance of your car. Buying such type of insurance there is no need to think whether your car is insured from this or that case. Is it possible to forecast everything?

Theft, stealing, robbery, fire or its consequences, accidents, natural disasters, actions of the third parties for causing damage to your car; crashes with animals or birds.

And, it is still not the complete list of cases from which you could receive damage and that are included into MOD Insurance.

Payment sum on such insurance is calculated on the basis of factors about which you report at the conclusion of the contract. So that influences the cost?

First is of course the number of drivers whom you allow to steer the car. Their age and driving experience are considered.

The second: whether your machine is fixed to car repair station, and what level it has.

The third: whether an alarm system installed to a car is a high-quality one.

The fourth: where to be stored your vehicle, the territory of primary driving, operation term, technical condition of the car.

The fifth: whether you want to issue the franchise, whether there are additional conditions of insurance, how you plan to make payment for the insurance, whether there were payments for MOD insurance before and many other things.

You can reduce or increase the cost of the policy, having engaged or having excluded from it certain items, such as franchise. At not expensive insured events you will spend more efforts and time for registration of it. Therefore, often it is easier to solve a problem without use of the insurance policy.

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