Compulsory Motor TPL Insurance Disbursement After Road Accident

Every year more and more cars appear on the roads of our cities. It isn’t surprising that the number of accidents increases with the same speed. During the accident you can appear in a role both responsible person and the victim.

Let’s consider the case when accident happened not through your fault and you have to receive Motor TPL Insurance Disbursement. In order you would be confident in the full sum of disbursements it is necessary to treat thoroughly the correctness of registration of all necessary documents.

According to Motor TPL Insurance you will be able to receive payments “because of harm to health” and “because of harming property”.

Don’t enter disputes with the second participant of accident. Try to be confident and cold-blooded.

What it is necessary to do:

- switch on an emergency signal and establish a breakdown triangle;

- as far as possible help the victims if such are available, if necessary call an emergency medical service;

- make a call to traffic police and notify on incident;

- if there are witnesses take information on their names and contact information;

- trace granting by the employee traffic police of all necessary references and documents.

Accidents are always not pleasant and sometimes lead people to a certain shock both victims and responsible for incident. Therefore in your interests never sign any documents and not to go on any illegitimate arrangements. Remember, dishonorable people can use your state of shock.

So, what documents will be necessary for you for receiving disbursement: notification on accident, driver certificate, passport, your application, insurance, reference which is given out by the officer of traffic police

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