Non-standard Insured Events

Whether it is possible to receive a recovery according to policy in case of flood, for example? Payment under what article it is possible to receive in case of car destruction?

Yes, it is possible if in your insurance policy there is such item as “natural disaster risk”. In this case, it is worth behaving just as in case of other insured events, with only one difference that it will be necessary to call the officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who will record this fact in the protocol. After an assessment of caused damage if it amounts more than 70% of the property destroyed or come to extreme worthlessness the fact of “total death” of the car is recognized. In this case payment in accordance with the terms of your agreement under such article is made.

Also, it is necessary to arrange also other cases connected with acts of God.

Very often asked question about the possibility of protection against technical malfunctions of the car. Protection under such article usually makes a service station according to your warranty card. If its term expired it is possible warranty extension at the same or other service center. In fact, it will also give you opportunity of technical support in similar situations.

Interesting point for discussion is an insurance event of engine death from hydro-blow. Such insurance seldom is included into the standard insurance contract. This function can be added after having paid an additional fee which can amount more than 25 percent of all policy. It is connected with high cost of damage as in case of such loading one of the most expensive components of the car – engine, is subjected to complete replacement.

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