Insurance Payments At Road Accident

During the conclusion of the insurance contract sometimes the insurer forgets to study attentively all rules of policy use. For example, having missed such point as “the notification of the insurance inspector”, it is possible to lose insurance payment. And, even the appeal to the court will be useless. Therefore, it is necessary to approach a question of studying of your rights and obligations for the contract seriously. There are always accurate items of regulation of the relations between insurance company and client in the contract.

You should remember that disbursement on insured event is received by an affected party only. So, it is impossible to sign documents and protocols if your fault isn’t proved.

If the fault is completely proved the insurance company will pays compensation to aggrieved party. You may rely on payment for MOD Insurance.

In that case when opposite is side responsible, your insurance company will pay compensation to you, and then will look into the party of responsible party and his insurer.

Notice that if after the road accident your car can independently move it is worth to drive on it to the insurance company, in which it will be examined, photographed and the fact of insured event will be recorded. If the car in not in a running order, it is necessary to call the independent expert and authorized representative of insurance company. You should additionally pay services of the independent expert.

There are cases when the insurance company refuses to pay for repair of your vehicle, reasoning that it is used car and repair is not reasonable in this case. You may demand a compensation of the same car cost at the market value. In other words, the year of manufacture, brand, run is considered. Perhaps, in certain cases it is more reasonable to receive such payment than to repair a damaged car.

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