Refusal In MOD Insurance Payment?

Insurance companies periodically report about increase of payments according to insurance policies. They explain it with rate fluctuation of dollar or euro, and also insurance expenses.

Thus by consideration of cases at court the insurer more often receives the negative decision. Perhaps, it is connected with more and more advanced legal loopholes which companies often use, to decrease the expenses. However there are cases which are initially clear that payment to you will be cut down or at all it won’t be done. There is no any artifice; such information is initially described in details in the contract which you have signed.

First of all the payment won’t be done if insured event directly or indirectly contradicts insurance rules:

- Insured event came out of an insurance cover zone: no doubt, refusal!

- Road accident happened in participation of the driver who had an alcoholic intoxication: 100% refusal!

- The negligence of the insured person or damage which isn’t connected with a road accident: refusal!

- Not observance of application terms: payment can be cut down, in certain cases is completely excluded (depends on how this fact is painted at you in the contract).

One more important point is a suspicion you in fraud. In that case security service of insurance company will ask you rather severe questions which you should answer. Then the insurance company can make the decision about transfer of your case to the court or voluntary refusal of reimbursement payment. Insurers try to hire experts to such departments as persons interested “to play” bad games are always enough in this field.

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