Insurance As Transport Companies Protection

Legislative norms of any state always stipulate an obligatory responsibility insurance of cargo transportation. It is natural if the company doesn’t buy such policy it won’t be able to obtain the license for this kind of activity.

Along with obligatory responsibility insurance there is also carrier voluntary civil liability insurance.

Transportation of cargo was always risky from ancient times. Goods cost for example in the truck can be measured by six-digit figures. What can happen on the way? Just anything! Accident, theft, induced delay which will cause damage of part or all freight and a lot of t many other things. There are also cases of a certain negligence or not vigilance at its delivery or loading. Insured event is also can be considered a case causing property harm to the third parties, and also human health as a result of accidents, shipment or other.

What is possible to insure from: natural disasters, road accidents, force majeure, failures of bridges and road blocking, theft of freight from a supervised parking, competent actions of the authorities. In other words, under any unfavorable circumstances on the road you can be always confident that your money won’t incur losses.

Together with obligatory driver responsibility insurance, life and health of passengers in minibus taxi or any other type of public transport is also a subject for obligatory insurance.

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