Tuning insurance

Tuning is a method to reach special identity of transport. But this is not all its resource. By means of tuning overcoming of high-speed thresholds is achieved.

There is an external and internal or deep tuning.

External is an improvement of bumpers, various linings and fenders, plastic suspension decorative parts, etc. Such parts perfectly influence aerodynamic properties of the car, and also its safety. Such kind of tuning insurance companies accept without any objections. There are some problems just with easily removable parts. Such elements will add from 6 to 10 percent from own cost to the policy.

Much more difficult is to get the insurance of external tuning. It is an improvement of various systems and the equipment of the car. For example chassis, engine, brake system, etc. Of course, if it is a tuning from the world famous companies, such type of the equipment will make serious difficulties in case of insurance.

The main problem in case of insurance is a concern of the insurer for rather raised threshold of accident rate of such cars. Independently made tuning can affect rather seriously the car performance and make it less steady and not safe on the road. It promotes faster depreciation of the car. Also it is very difficult to assess such car financially.

But there is also the most important problem in case of insurance. Car changes its technical characteristics: weight, center of gravity, type and engine capacity etc. changes. All above-stated changes require certification without which you will never be able to pass official inspection.

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