Voluntary Damage Compensation after road accident will help to return driver’s licenses

Driver may lose his driving license in various situations.

According to the law, actually merely the court has a right to withdraw a driving license. However in real life it is done by the inspector who issues a special report. To return back the driving license as fast as possible it is worth listening to legal advices.

How the driver tried to follow most precisely all traffic regulations he isn’t insured against cases which he cannot affect.

There is a list of mitigating factors which are taken into account by the court and will be able to accelerate process of driving license return:

- your repentance and recognition of your mistakes;

- if you were the first who reported the accident;

- you prevented dangerous consequences of your offense;

- you have proofs of reasons of strong excitement or difficult circumstances at the time of offense;

- non-age;

- availability of child of tender years, pregnancy

- accomplished fact of damage compensation to aggrieved party.

If nevertheless the court decision is a revocation of driving license, don’t give up. Within 10 working days you have the right to appeal against this decision. Retrial is always more scrupulous and you can have a chance of favorable outcome of consideration. The percent of probability of your success will increase considerably if you use the help of a car lawyer.

After the termination of period for which you were deprived your driving license, you have the right to return it within one day. For this purpose it will be necessary to provide your passport with a registration record and medical certificate.

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